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Impacts from Free Trade


Colonization, Globalization, Foreign Investment—

Impacts from Trade Agreements: TPP, ASEAN, et. al.


Victor Menotti: IFG (U.S.)

Maureen Penjeuli: Pacific Network on Globalization (PANG), Fiji

Michelle Chan, Friends of the Earth

Arthur Stamoulis:  Citizen’s Trade Campaign (U.S.)

Arnie Saiki: Imipono Projects



The rules of “free trade” and the rights of global resource corporations are advancing rapidly in the Pacific. This was true even before a panoply of recent new trade agreements favored the interests of the largest resource-hungry countries, to the detriment of indigenous and small island nations attempting to preserve local economies and culture. Both the U.S. and China are each proposing trade agreements and investment strategies meant to help block the other one.  For example, the U.S.-driven Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the Chinese led ASEAN community, as well as other agreements governing laws of the sea and local trade options. All of these agreements make efforts by Pacific island nations and peoples, to retain their sovereignty and local economy, far more difficult.  Local laws are superseded by the interests and activities of global powers. This panel will analyze the specific ingredients of the latest trade and development initiatives, and detail the consequences to less powerful Pacific Rim and Pacific nations, and their rising struggles to control their own economic destinies.