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Hegemonic Battles for Pacific Domination


Battle for Control: U.S. vs. China–

Why Serve Either Master?


Dale Wen, IFG




Against current U.S. expansionist designs that attempt to control the Pacific region as an “empire of bases,” aimed primarily at containing China, alternative visions of the Pacific are emerging—as a “sea of islands” (Epeli Hau’ofa), or as an oceanic commons to be shared and protected by all nations. Island peoples no longer want to see the Pacific viewed as strictly a resource for powerful nations, or a competition between Wall street and the BRIC nations for control of the global supply chain. From the point of view of Pacific island peoples, there is little advantage to choosing sides in this battle; local interests are undermined either way. This panel examines the hegemonic battle for its impacts on resources and national sovereignties, and brings forward alternative visions for solidarity among small Pacific nations, and new peoples’ trans-Pacific alliances. (More to come……)